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Thanks for submitting your listing fee to
It's a multi-step, but easy process for of getting your artist website listed.

Here's basically how it works at this time:
Listing fee is paid and you send us the information below. We post your listing to the Internet then contact you when it's has been posted. The final step is for you check your listing to make sure everything is correct, like spelling, the link, your location, etc. If changes are needed you email us and we'll make the corrections.

Please send us the following information via email to


  1. Art Fair Name
    This is also the link name
    Links are listed in upper and lower case letters only
    Please double check for any spelling errors

  2. First and last name (name of contact person)

  3. Full business address, city and state where you're located

  4. Email address

  5. Telephone number

  6. Website URL

  7. Date, Month, Day and Year

  8. Other information that might be appropriate for the listing
    If you're purchasing an Enhanced Listing, include your marketing text and information.
    You can upgrade your listing at any time, just email us and pay the difference.

  9. Copy the above steps, then send them in an email to

That's it for the registration process.

Our goal is to post your listing to the Internet within two days. However if you don't hear from us within two days, please contact us us again via email, with the above information.

You can also call or email if you have any questions

Tuesday - Friday, 10 - 5pm Pacific Standard Time.

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March 19 - 22, 2020
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