Below is a partial list of art exhibitions, art openings, talks and Pop-Up's that are occuring this month or in the near future. Please beware that some events and galleries require that you RSVP. We work hard to provide you with correct information, however sometimes typos or changes occur. We highly suggest that if you are traveling a long distance to check with the galleries first or their websites. Please note: we do not try to list every New York event, only a few selected. The text description with the listings usually comes from press release or directly from the gallery website.

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April 1 SUNDAY

LES, 6-8pm, Opening Reception, MAGENTA PLAINS, 94 Allen Street.
KEREN CYTTER, LINNEA KNIAZ, SARA MAGENHEIMER, and STEEL STILLMAN "Frame Structures". The exhibition takes its title from the acclaimed book of visual poetry by Susan Howe, whose deconstructionist attitude toward language and fragmented process shatters narrative while forming manifold meanings anew. The four artists in this exhibition use structures such as the camera frame, cropping, overlays, montage, repetition, voiceover, subtitling, rephrasing, assemblage and isolation of image to contain, expound on, exploit, and defamiliarize text and image-creating endless linkages and meditations on the poetry and fragility of the everyday, of existence, and of memory. April 1 - May 6, 2018.



CHELSEA, 6-8:30pm, Opening Reception, THOMAS ERBEN GALLERY, 526 West 26th Street, floor 4.
MARCUS WEBER "Adalbertstraβe, Krazy Kat, and Artforum-Leser". The first U.S. solo exhibition for this Berlin-based painter. Comprising work from the past ten years, the show is a bracing introduction to Weber's poppy, comic, and off-kilter geometric approach to abstraction, figuration, and social observation. April 5 - May 19, 2018.

CHELSEA, 6-8pm, Opening Reception, BERNARDUCCI, 525 West 25th Street.
WILLIAM FISK "Paintings of Modernist Technnology". The exhibition features recent 'still lifes,' oil paintings of modernist technology, including starkly-painted cameras, office supplies, and household appliances. April 5 - May 5, 2018.

CHELSEA, 6-8pm, Opening Reception, CHEIM & READ, 547 West 25th Street.
GHADA AMER "Recent Work". Many of Amer's paintings make art historical references in subversive and humorous ways. White Girls and White-RFGA subtly makes racial commentary, critiquing whiteness as a convention while addressing Robert Ryman. Landscape with Black Mountains-RFGA conflates the female form as a pastoral setting. The cascading and pooling thread, omnipresent in Amer's work, recalls Jackson Pollock. Sorkin writes in the catalogue essay, "Ghada Amer has utilized the lush landscape of the art historical past from which to plunder - re-casting the role of women as subject, versus object." April 5 - May 12, 2018.

CHELSEA, 6-8pm, Opening Reception, CARTER BURDEN GALLERY, 548 West 28th Street, #534.
MITCHELL LEWIS and BERNICE SOKOL KRAMER "Ellipsis". Mitchell Lewis presents a new series of mixed media paintings with origins steeped in biblical stories and historical allegories. Bernice Sokol Kramer presents sculptures based on the human figure using fabric and papier-mache that hang from the ceiling and walls or rest on the floor. Her background in Biology and a childhood fascination with marionettes informs and inspires these works. Also on exhibition: Harriet Livathinos and Sheila Schwid. April 5 - 26, 2018.

LES, 6-8pm, Opening Reception, KRISTEN LORELLO, 195 Chrystie Street, #103.
NADIA HAJI OMAR "Ellipsis". The exhibition continues the artist's ongoing research of the intersection of language and abstract painting and will include six new 24 x 20 inch paintings on canvas. Drawing from her ongoing research of Sinhalese, Tamil, and Arabic script, the artist has structured each new composition according to the form of a linguistic character: an Arabic letter, two Tamil letters, one Tamil number, and two Sinhalese letters. April 5 - May 25, 2018


April 10 TUESDAY

LES, 6-9pm, Opening, THE HOLE, 312 Bowery (between Bleecker and Houston).
"CLAY TODAY" group show featuring: Alice Mackler, Allison Schulnik, Aubry Broquard, Brie Ruias, Christian Vargas, Cristina Tufino, Dan McCarthy, Diana Rojas, Francesca DiMattio, FriendsWithYou, Gustav Hamilton, Heidi Lau, Jenny Hata Blumenfield, Jennie Jieun Lee, Jesse Edwards, Joakim Ojanen, Kate Klingbeil, Linda Lopez, Ling Chun, Rebecca Morgan, Rose Eken, Roxanne Jackson, Shinichi Sawada, Thomas Mailaender, Trevor Baird, Valerie Hegarty, Zimra Beiner. Also, showing in the back gallery will be paintings by Royal Jarmon. April 10 - May 6, 2018.



LES, 6-8pm, Opening, CARRIAGE TRADE, 277 Grand Street, 2nd Floor.
"THE EARTH IS FLAT" group show featuring: Martin Beck, Henry Codax, Ceal Floyer, Katharina Fritsch, Sara VanDerBeek, Andy Warhol and Horacio Zabala. Suspicion, vengeance, and irrationality have become the new norm. As in previous times of radical social change, zealotry and demagoguery surge as faith in the established order recedes. The collective pursuit of democratic ideals, built on Enlightenment principles never quite fulfilled, suffers waves of backlash, resentment built up from centuries of promise and disappointment. Democracy, gamed by the twin forces of privatization and media spectacle, is forced to watch its failures writ large, its susceptibility to rule by personality at last delivering the role of leader as farce. April 12 - May 27, 2018.

LES, 6-8pm, Opening Reception, MARGARET THATCHER PROJECTS, 539 West 23rd Street.
TED LARSEN "Working Vacation." On display are a series of bas-reliefs, hybrids halfway between painting and sculpture, where Larsen comes away from the minimalist Dogma and retrieves a manual craft: each piece is in fact selected, cut and assembled according to the artist's own sensibility. Reusing materials from old waste, such as sheet metal from cars and other materials, Larsen creates small paintings of composite geometries in which simple forms become complex agglutinations of polygons that expand and occupying space with their own visual projection and material footprint. April 12 - May 12, 2018.


April 13 FRIDAY

BROOKLYN, 6-9pm, Opening Reception, VICTORI+MO, 56 Bogart Street.
AMIE CUNAT "Meetinghouse". A continuation of an ongoing series, Meetinghouse combines painting, sculpture and drawing in a multi-room installation that explores the liminality of the "meeting house" as a simultaneously public and private sphere. Meetinghouse presents a collection of objects that reimagines historical artifacts created by the Shakers, a sect of religious radicals who promoted equality for all of its members in colonial America. April 13 - May 27, 2018.


April 20 FRIDAY

LES, 6-8pm, Opening, LESLEY HELLER, 54 Orchard Street.
Front Gallery: HELEN O'LEARY "Home is a Foreign Country". She has been described as an un-writeable novel. Her paintings hold a history of their past lives her panels fashioned from pieces of previous paintings, cloth, and other materials at hand in the studio - and draw deeply on the Irish musical tradition of Sean Nos, (in the old style), a form of cultural and personal lament usually sung by an aging singular voice. These narratives become woven together, just as the materials have, to create non-representational three-dimensional pieces that are finished with a delicate coat of egg tempera and resonate as paintings, and as objects, that hold a story beyond what is immediately visible. April 20 - May 20, 2018.

LES, 7-9:30pm, Opening Reception, FREIGHT + VOLUME, 97 Allen Street.
JAMES HYDE "West." The artist's first solo show in New York City since 2010. Fusing landscape photography with painted shapes and abstract forms, Hyde explores themes of visual perception and reproduction, all the while challenging the boundaries of painting as a medium. He is attuned to the gulf between artistic intention and the viewer's own comprehension, and he transforms this chasm into a discourse of sorts, using it as a source of creative energy. The works on display in West draw from a juxtaposition of abstract painting and landscape photography, a pairing that proves to be simultaneously idiosyncratic and highly intuitive. April 20 - May 27, 2018.

QUEENS, 6-9pm, Opening Reception, MRS., 60-40 56th Drive, Maspeth, NY.
DUTCH MASTERS: A group show with Chris Bogia, Caroline Wells Chandler, Courtney Childress, Maureen Drennan, Omari Douglin, Chris Martin, Rebecca Morgan, Dean Roper, Eduardo Sarabia, Matthew Spiegelman, Fred Tomaselli, Breanne Trammell and Brian Willmont. There are a lot of good reasons for legalizing marijuana. But for me it comes down to this: We have to stop putting people of color in jail for something that white people do with impunity. 80% of New Yorkers who are arrested for marijuana are black or Latino, despite the fact that whites and people of color use marijuana at roughly the same rates. The consequences follow people for the rest of their lives, making it harder for them to get jobs, or housing, and for non-citizens, putting them directly in the crosshairs for deportation. April 14 - June 2, 2018.



EAST HARLEM, 4-7pm, Opening Reception, DAVID RICHARD GALLERY, 211 East 121st Street.
ADAM SCOTT "Mojave Terraforms." Recent paintings was inspired by the artist's experiences and explorations of Joshua Tree, Wonder Valley and the Mojave Basin in Southern California. The novel geometric abstractions and painting process reflect the reductive desert landscape and rugged terrain with sculpted surfaces and spare, bold splashes of vibrant color against neutral backgrounds. April 21 - May 26, 2018.

EAST HARLEM, 7-10pm, Opening Reception, ARTS+LEISURE, 1571 Lexington Avenue.
BEL FULLANA "Un Mohito, Dos Mohitos." Channeling a childlike naivety, Fullana's works contain a sense of an almost cloying sweetness along with a tinge of perversity, desperation, and darkness. Working with a palette of pastel hues offset by heavy grays and blacks, Fullana's colors provide something of a physical analogy of the themes present in her work. Likewise, her brushwork, ranging from thick impasto passages to washes of spray paint, leaves an impression of indeterminacy, suggesting a nebulous, hazy dreamscape between reality and fantasy. The contrast between the reality of the subject and its naive, childlike portrayal blurs the line between the innocence of childhood and the stark realities of adulthood. Themes of transgression and abjection appear throughout the other works in the exhibition, presenting an envioronment in which degradation and humiliation exist within a framework of tacit cultural acceptance and privilege. Alongside their visual appeal, Fullana's works engage a variety of discourses, from feminist readings to theories on transgression and the abject. April 21 - May 27, 2018.


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Artwork by Adam Scott on exhibition at David Richard Gallery in New York

Adam Scott
April 21 - May 26, 2018
David Richard Gallery
New York


Art Expo New York 2018 logo

Art Expo New York
April 19 - 22, 2018
New York, NY


Artwork by Paul Corio on exhibition at McKenzie Fine Art in New York, March 23 - April 29, 2018

Paul Corio
March 23 - April 29, 2018
McKenzie Fine Art
New York


Artwork by James Hyde on exhibition at Freight + Volume in New York, April 20 - May 27, 2018

James Hyde
April 20 - May 27, 2018
Freight + Volume
New York


Artwork by Nadia Haji Omar on exhibition at Kristen Lorello in New York, April 5 - May 25, 2018

Nadia Haji Omar
April 5 - May 25, 2018
Kristen Lorello
New York


Artwork by William Fisk on exhibition at Bernarducci Gallery in New York, April 5 - May 5, 2018

William Fisk
April 5 - May 5, 2018
Bernarducci Gallery
New York


Artwork by Nassos Daphnis on exhibit at Sears Peyton Gallery in New York, February 22 - April 7, 2018

Nassos Daphnis
March 1 - April 27, 2018
Curated by Gregory Lang
Richard Taittinger Gallery
New York


Artwork by Torkwase Dyson on exhibit at Davidson Contemporary in New York, March 15 - May 5, 2018

Torkwase Dyson
March 15 - May 5, 2018
Davidson Contemporary
New York


Frieze Art New York logo

Frieze New York
May 3 - 6, 2018
New York, NY


Superfine! 2018 logo

Superfine! NYC
May 2 - 6, 2018
New York, NY


Photographs by Arlene Gottfried on exhibit at Daniel Cooney Fine Art in New York, February 28 - April 28, 2018

Arlene Gottfried
A Lifetime of Wandering
February 28 - Apr 28, 2018
Daniel Cooney Fine Art
New York


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