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Protecting Glass from Accidental Breakage

Ever have one of those days when you get the dropsies, you're a little more accident prone than usual, or maybe there are rambunctious children and pets in your home? More often than not, the results are the same, stuff gets broken.

Things like that precious collection of crystal, your favorite glass figurine, or your most treasured collectibles get bumped and shatter.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way of protecting those things against accidental breakage? Well, there is, and it's called Clear Gel.  Museum Gel package

Originally developed for museums to keep unsecured valuables in place and prevent them from falling and breaking, Clear Gel is now available to everyone.

It's a see-through, no-mess product that goes underneath objects to keep them in place. Because the gel is virtually invisible, household items such as vases, jars and other glass items appear to be resting in place normally, but in reality they're being held fast so that if knocked, they won't topple over.

Accidents can happen at any time and even a simple chore, such as dusting, can end in heartache. All it takes is one slip and a sentimental treasure can be gone forever, but by applying the gel, you can secure your valued objects and dust around them with no more worries. It really does give you peace of mind.

Clear Gel is removable and reusable, non-toxic and non-damaging to furniture, and it's clean and easy to use. Simply roll it into balls, about the size of a pea, apply them to the base of objects to be secured, and firmly press the items in place. An invisible bond is formed in 30-60 minutes.

Removal is just as easy. Gently twist the item in an upward motion, being sure to handle the object from the base. Once removed, the gel can be reused over and over again.

This amazing and innovative product is now marketed by Quake Hold, one of America's proven leaders in home safety and security fasteners.

"Clear Gel is great on any glassware and crystal and is our answer to the many requests we've had for a clear product," said Dean Reese. "Its invisibility makes the gel unique, and its versatility makes it a must for use around the home, or office."

The key is to put just a little bit on the bottom of an object and within a short period of time it will bond with the surface. The beauty of the gel is that it's a temporary adhesive, so when you want to move the item, it comes off with a simple twist.

It's great for use anywhere in the home, and it reduces the worry of having expensive and even sentimental items accidentally broken.

Mr Reese said a 4oz (100g) jar would safeguard 200-300 small crystal figurines, 50-100 wineglasses or 10-20 large vases.

The gel's primary application is for glass objects on glass shelves, although it can be used on most non-porous surfaces. The product has strong holding power and can secure heavy objects in place.

To learn more about Museum Gel and other Clear Gel please visit

This article and information is provided courtesy of Brian Lowe and
Visit their website and you'll find additional information about Clear Gel and other products.

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