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We've been blogging on and off for a few years. Our goal is to provide viewers with interesting news and information about galleries, exhibitions, art events and the art world. Our blogs are just a small part of the online art bloggers community, and they are meant to complement our gallery guides.

Currently, only two of our blogs are active, and they are just now (January 2011) starting to post new articles, they are, Contemporary Art and Art Fairs and Art Photography Today. Most of our city art blogs have been put on hold until the art market and the economy improve.

You can still archived information and articles on all of our blogs. We continue to update our online gallery guides and other art resources to make them as useful as possible. Thanks for stopping by, we hope that you find our website useful, even though our blogging has slowed down.

If you're looking for other art blogs, here's a link that will take your to several blogs and online art news: Art Blogs by Other Bloggers


Our art blogs provide a variety of information and art news. In an effort to make them relevant and useful we've decided to focus on specific topics, cities or art districts. Our goal is to post three or four new articles each month, to each blog. Over time, we hope that the blogs will gain a reputation
as being valuable resources for online art news and information.

If you'd like help make the blogs better please provide us with news about current or future art events. If you know some interesting art news, wish to write and article, or you have suggestions for improving the art blogs, we're open to ideas.

Also, if you're associated with a gallery, museum or art business in one of the cities listed, please add us to your press release email mailing list. Finally, if you have art links page please add as an art resource.

Art Blogs by Other Bloggers

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