Listing of New York art consultants and art advisors. If you're looking for advise about buying art, or need help purchasing art for a private or corporate collection, a professional art consultant might be what you need. Here's a list of art consultants and art advisors in New York that you might consider working with.

There is a difference between art consultants and an art advisors. We list both in this section. Both provide professional advise to clients interested in buying art. The main difference is most art advisors charge an hourly fee and do not own or sell their own inventory. Art consultants usually work with a gallery or represent art or artists associated with galleries.

New York Art Consultants and Art Advisors

Art Find Associates, Inc.
Art Peritus Advisors & Appraisers
Nicole Bray, LLC
Gibson Contemporary
Coplan Hurowitz Art Advisory
Bonnie Kagan - Kagan Fine Art & Appraisals
Hamburg Kennedy Photographs
Jane Kim
Lowell Pettit Art Advisory LLC
Chaz Sargent & Co. LLC
Sheridan Appraisers and Asset Liquidators of New York
Sloan Fine Art
Sylvia Leonard Wolf Inc.

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