It's very important to make sure artworks that you own are correctly insured. Most likely your HOMEOWNERS insurance company does not cover your art unless you have a special amendment to your policy, and current values. The first thing you need to do is check with the agent of your HOMEOWNERS policy and tell them what you want insured. Make sure your policy covers all of your valuables; artworks, jewelry and other valuable items.

You will most likely also need a current art appraisal and pictures for proof of value. This step can be expensive, and to lower the costs it helps to have your original purchase receipts, artwork dimensions, condition of artwork, and if the artist is still active, their website and or list of galleries selling their artworks. The more information you can provide the appraiser with the less time they will have to spend researching the artwork. Here's a list of Art Appraisers to help you get started.

Another use resource to determine artwork value is online resource like Artprice. They have large databases of art action results plus other useful information. They are usually membership sites giving only limited information unless you at least get a trial membership. We recommend trying Artprice if you have researching artwork by a well recognized artist.

The companies listed below specialize in art insurance, you might also want to contact them.
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AXA Art Insurance
AXA Art Insurance Corporation was founded in 1987 to address an urgent need: discerning, affordable insurance for fine art and collectibles. They are insurance and art professionals devoted to the treasures of our culture - to protecting their owners against financial loss, and preserving these objects for future generations. They are solely dedicated to insuring valuable art and objects, and remain the world's only art insurance specialist to this day.

Chubb Personal Insurance
Provider of addition coverage for artworks and collectables.

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Data Base of Art Auction Prices and Artist Information
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Fee based service, with a one day trial pass available.

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