Welcome to our new listing of Artist Websites. This is where you'll find artists creating Sculpture and their websites. If you're interested large or small Sculpture, the following Artists are interested in having you visit their sites. They are serious professional artists interested in selling and showing artwork. Most of the artists have a degree in art and consider themselves to be full time working artists. They would also be interested in having their artwork included in exhibitions, or represented by art galleries, private art dealers or art consultants. Enjoy their work and if you contact an artist say you found them through

This section was added to make it easier to find artists and artwork. As this section of our website grows more categories and art media will be added. Stop by from time to time and watch the listing grow. Also, if you have suggestions to make this page better and more useful, please let us know.

 ArtXtravaganza March 2019

Artists are invited to apply for ArtXtravaganza, held March 1-3, 2019 at Webb School of Knoxville's Lee Athletic Center in Knoxville, TN. Eligible media includes: painting, sculpture, metal, jewelry, glass, fiber art, ceramics, mixed media, photography, and wood. $25.00 application fee. Deadline: September 1, 2018. MORE INFO. Contact: EMAIL or call 865-291-3846.


Artwork by Maxwell Carraher in W.Hollywood, CA

Maxwell Carraher - CA
Located in Los Angeles, California, Website: Email:

Sculpture by Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson - CA
Is a contemporary painter and sculptor. Uniquely versatile in her knowledge of materials, she expresses her ideas about place and the environment using paint, stone, bronze, and wood. Her work has been shown in Galleries and Museums in New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, Ohio, New England, and Northern California and is in numerous private and public collections. She welcomes client inquiries and studio visits by appointment. Email:, website:

Artwork by Maidy Morhous

Maidy Morhous - CA
Idiomatic titles like "Empty Dreams" (pictured) and "Don't kill the goose!" prompt viewers to seek metaphorical interpretations to these works. "What you see is definitely not what you get; a title can guide or mislead the viewer in what the work is really about." An accomplished print-maker and bronze sculptor, born in New York, Morhous' artwork is collected both privately and publicly in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Europe and Australia. Location: Southern California, website:

Sculpture by Ray Katz located in Michigan

Ray Katz - MI
Ray Katz is a metal sculptor in Pontiac, Michigan, where he has been creating artwork since the 1970s. His passion is metal because of its strength and durability for large scale public sculpture as well as small works. Email:, artist website:

Seduction of the Heart, sculpture by David Unger

David Unger - AZ
"David Unger," observed Durham's Herald-Sun art critic Blue Greenberg, "is an abstractionist who overlays his realism with the angular and geometric shapes of cubism, and in so doing moves his sculpture into a unique place." David Unger Sculptures, 3090 N. Elena Maria, Tucson, AZ 85750, Telephone: 520-299-0199, Website:

Juan Alonso - WA
Suzanne Benton - CT
Fabienne Bismuth - CA
Cheryl Brandon - AZ
Goksin Carey - VA
Diane Gabriel - VT
GChris - MD
Laurent Davidson - CA
Lynn Di Nino - WA
Susan Freda - RI
Leslie Fry - VT
Todd Fry - PA
Sharon Gainsburg - NV
Caprice Glaser - MN
George Handy - NC
Rebecca Johnson - CA
Angelika Kade - FL
Sterett-Gittings Kelsey - CT
Dan Mackerman - MN
Maidy Morhous - CA
Arthur Norby - MN
Allison Pasarew - MD
Susan Raine - TX
Dennis Ruane - NC
Boris Sarikov - CO
Jennifer Stang Eickemeyer / Shattered Glass Sculptures - CA
Ray Katz - MI
Dan Strothers - FL
Lisa Tahir - CA
Ivan Tirado - CT
David Unger - AZ
Dan Woodard - CA
Jeffrey L. Zygmunt - CA

Just a few artists at this time.
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Sculpture by Caprice Glaser

Caprice Glaser
Artist Website


Sculpture by Ray Katz, Michigan artist

Ray Katz
Artist Website


Thought, sculpture by David Unger

David Unger
Artist Website


Sculpture by George Handy

George Handy
Artist Website


Artwork by Goksin Carey on exhibit at Gallery NK in Washington, DC

Goksin Carey
Available from
Gallery NK
Washington, DC


Artwork by Steven Miller

Steven Miller
Painting, Oil on Canvas


Artwork by Kaileen Burke

Kaileen Burke
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas


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