Welcome to our listing of Artist Websites. On this page you'll find Artists that work in a variety of art medias, primarily because they don't fit elsewhere on our site.. If you're interested in visual art, the following Artists are interested in having you visit their sites. They are serious professional artists. Most of the artists have a degree in art and consider themselves to be full time working artists. They're also interested in having their artwork included in art exhibitions, or represented by art galleries, private art dealers or art consultants. They sell art so if you see something you like, contact the artist mention that you found them on

As this section of our website grows more categories and art media will be added. Artists will determine their own listing categories and assist us in providing a meaningful Internet presence. Stop by from time to time and watch the listing grow. Also, if you have suggestions to make this page better and more useful, please let us know.

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Book Arts
None listed at this time

Paul Dessau - CA

Design / Illustration / Graphics
Alisha Anderson - MA
Michael J. Auger - DC
Joan Blackshear - HI
Ewa Mikucinska - CA

Digital / Electronic Art
None listed at this time

Diane Belfiglio - OH
Rachel Black - PA
Greg Burns - OK
Neil Brooks - CA

Artwork by Nancy Flanagan from Michigan

Nancy Flanagan - MI
Nancy Flanagan is a hard core painter who reports the urban landscape and how we have changed it. Urban and industrial landscapes are what we have done to the land. The things that many people don't notice or disdain are the very things she finds stimulating and compelling. The work is a combination of an introduction to a location and the narrative embedded in it; places are complex, ironic, incongruous, robust and melancholy, seeing what's there. South East Michigan and Ypsilanti. Born in St. Louis, she spent years as a student, teacher and administrator on the east Coast, and Is now living, painting and teaching in Michigan, for the foreseeable future. Artist Website

Joshua Hunt - WI
Manuel Miranda - TX
Allison Pasarew - MD
Teresa Pennington - NC
Nancy Wyman Ray - Drawings

Metal Arts
None listed at this time

Textile / Fiber Art
Joan Blackshear - HI
Phyllis-Gillie-Jaffe - MD
Jean M. Judd - WI

Video / Multimedia
Catherine Altice - NC

Works On Paper
Judd Boloker - HI
Leslie Fry - VT

Not Yet Categorized Artists
Andrea Bonfils - NY
Mark Hoppmann WA
Sue Anne Hoyt - AL
rbkcalvo - NY
William Mangum - NC

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Fiber art by Andree Lisette

Andree Lisette
Fiber Art
Artist Website


Mixed Media Art by Kristen Neveu

Kristen Neveu
Mixed Media
Artist Website


Artwork by Sue Anne Hoyt

Sue Anne Hoyt
Artist Website


Artwork by Nestor Toro available from

Nestor Toro
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas


Artwork by Brian Nash, Kelly Bags, available from

Brian Nash
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas


Artwork by Deanna Fainelli, Amsterdam Afternoon V2, available from

Deanna Fainelli
Mixed Media on MDF Panel


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