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The photographers are loosely categorized to help you find the subject matter and the type of art. Artists usually determine their own listing categories.


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Arranged Image / Conceptual Photography

Artwork by Tobe A. Roberts IV an artist living in New Jersey, 081822

Tobe A. Roberts IV
As a fine art photographer, abstract artist, and art curator I continuously seek out resplendent beauty and story in my environment, making it a memory to share and evoking tranquility. My fine art photography focuses mostly on the richness of bold colors, nature, landscapes, and equine souls. I like to build my portfolio with images that inspire and evoke emotions. I believe art has energetic resonance and the colors we select can move us and heal. Lives in New Jersey, website:

Lynette Miller - NC

Photo London, May 16 - 19, 2024 in London

Photo London
Somerset House
Strand, London WC2R 1LA

May 16 - 19, 2024

The ninth edition of Photo London will deliver an exciting line-up of exhibitors: this year's Fair will offer visitors the opportunity to marvel at, explore and acquire some of the finest photographic works. With its vibrant Public Programme, the Fair will present three major exhibitions including a display by 2024 Master of Photography recipient Valérie Belin. Photo London brings the finest international photography to the British capital every year. The Fair presents the best historic and vintage works while also spotlighting fresh perspectives in photography. Along with a selection of the world’s leading photography dealers and galleries.

Instagram: @photolondonfair
Instagram Hashtags: #photolondon2024  #photolondon

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Botanical / Flowers / Still Life Photography

Photograph by Marc Kittner artist lives and works in Philadelphia, PA, 020821

Marc Kittner - PA
Marc focuses on things that most people overlook, getting so close to a flower, for instance, that he is virtually inside it. Children take a flower and hold it 6 inches from their noses, inspecting it closely and intensely as they discover the worlds that exist within the contours and landscape of the flower. His art invites viewers to experience the intimate wonders of nature on a grand scale. Marc's portfolio is loosely divided into Orchids, Abstracts and Other Botanicals. Located in Philadelphia. His cell number is 206-940-0738; and his website is

Carolyn Meltzer - GA
Kathleen Messmer - NM
Thomas Watkins Fine Art - AZ

City / Street / Industrial Photography
Tod Grubbs / Bee Creek Photography - TX
Andrew Prokos - NY

Contemporary Photography

Photograph by Chloe Pitterson located in New York City, 011622

Chloé Pitterson - NY
My name is Chloé Pitterson and I am a fine art photographer based in New York City. I started my artist career photographing other people and over time have incorporated self portraiture as a way to share the lessons of tapping into the self for personal growth that I have learned. Through self portraits and photographing others, I explore themes in psychology and human nature. My work is inspired by my personal studies in philosophy, spirituality, and self-growth. Each piece is an embodiment of the belief that when the subject awakens to the ownership and power they have within them, they become their highest potential. Website:

Angela Cameron - OR
Andrew Prokos - NY

Digital / Manipulated Photography
Michael VanPatten / View Finder Arts - GA

Documentary Photography
None listed at this time.

Figurative & Nude Photography
Chloé Pitterson - NY

Freelance / Commercial Photography
None listed at this time.

Landscape / Nature Photography

Photograph by Robert Bergazyn studio in Palm Desert, CA, 112420

Robert Bergazyn - CA
The arrangement of form, lines, and interest content of what I see motivates me to produce images that express my reaction to these scenes. Photography is my means of expression. There is a contrast between the human arrangement of the world vs. the natural evolution of the landscape, untouched and unshaped by humans. My photographs show the similarities as well as the differences. Located in Palm Desert, CA. Website:

Photograph by Joseph C. Filer artist working in Florida, 080521

Joseph C. Filer - FL
I am a Florida based fine art landscape photographer that has traveled throughout the United States and to other countries to create beautiful and inviting landscape photography artwork for your home or office. These photographs offer an opportunity for you to "Bring Home The Experience" to relive or even imagine being there. I would be pleased for you to review what I have to offer on my website. Location: Miami, telephone: 305-609-5631, website:

Photograph of Astoria Bridge by Randy Bott working in Washington state, 102422

Randy Bott - WA
Randy Bott is a nature photographer specializing in landscapes, black and white, and infrared fine art prints. I offer curated limited edition gallery style prints to convey the emotion I was feeling at the time of capture. As a backpacker and hiker, my goal is to bring the feeling of nature inside your home or office. All limited edition prints are signed with a Certificate of Authenticity. Location: Seattle, telephone: 425-387-3417, website:

Photograph by Max Foster, artist lives in Minneasota, 070521

Max Foster - MN
An international award-winning landscape and nature photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota whose work has been featured in top publications such as Outdoor Photographer, Practical Photography and Digital SLR Photography Magazine. Max specializes in creating large format, limited edition, gallery-quality fine art prints and has had the privilege of working with clients worldwide since 2014. All of his limited edition prints are made-to-order, numbered, signed and handcrafted in the USA. Website:

Landscape photography by Lazar Gintchin, 040821

Lazar Gintchin - CO
My focus is large format nature photography in unique panoramic compositions. I capture beautiful moments in nature and bring them to high quality, gallery style prints, in huge sizes. The end result is the creation of impressive wall art, which I call "windows to nature". When a viewer looks at one of my prints and feels some of the emotion I felt while taking the photograph, I know the moment has been captured successfully. Website:

Color seascape photograph by Doreen McGunagle artist working in Florida, 092523

Doreen McGunagle - FL
As a fine art nature photographer, my goal is to capture the essence of the natural world and share it with others. I believe that nature has the power to generate a wide range of emotions, including feelings of calmness, joy and creativity. By building a personal relationship with the environment I am photographing, I am able to capture its unique beauty and convey its power and wonder to the viewer. Through my images, I hope to transport the viewer to a place of tranquility and inspiration, where they can experience the same emotions that I feel when I am surrounded by the natural world. Artist lives near Palm Beach. Website:

Aaron Reed photographer living in Washington state 090720

Aaron Reed - WA
Is a self-taught fine art landscape and nature photographer specializing in large format, museum quality limited edition photographic prints with a broad base of collectors and fans around the world. My goal as a nature photographer is to show you views of our natural world in ways that you may not have seen them before through careful composition, attention to detail and the creative use of beautiful light. Website:

Photograph by Lester Sarmiento the artist lives and works in Arizona, 070621

Lester Sarmiento / Behind the Shutter - AZ
Behind The Shutter . . was designed to create the illusion of a 'room with a view' that your residence, office or business may lack. The impact of looking into a window framed beautiful landscape can have a calming, relaxing effect. My Southwest based images mounted in Barnwood Shutter Frames hope to inspire that sense of being there. Location: Arizona, artist website:

Landscape Photograph by Thomas Schoeller living in Connecticut, 012322

Thomas Schoeller - Photography
I'm a fine art nature & landscape photographer, home-based between Montana and CT. I offer Limited Edition and Curated Open Edition artworks on high-end gallery-quality frameless print media. I have a deep spiritual & personal connection with nature. I feel a part of it, the energy is uplifting. It's my goal to capture that energy & emotion, the feelings of serenity, and peace, and convey my inspiration - through my work to the viewer. Location: Connecticut, website:

Photograph by Andrew Shoemaker, lava flowing into ocean, Hawaii, 031021

Andrew Shoemaker - HI
Is an award winning self taught fine art photographer based in Maui, Hawaii. He specializes in large format museum quality prints with extreme attention to detail. Andrew's work is collected worldwide and he strives to bring the viewer into the scene and away from the ordinary with the use of light and composition. Location: 612 Front Street C, Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761, Telephone: 808-298-7670, Website:

Richard Wong landscape photographer living in California

Richard Wong - CA
A California-based landscape & nature photographer that specializes in museum-quality large format prints up to 120" and corporate fine art installations. His fine art photography has received recognition from the IPA Awards and the ND Awards. His website features a curated collection of his best landscape photography from the past 20 years. Located in California. Website:

Bobby Baker - MA
Angela Cameron - OR
Peter Daitch - CT
Tod Grubbs / Bee Creek Photography - TX
Lynette Miller - NC
Paul Sanders - WA
Michael VanPatten / View Finder Arts - GA
Thomas Watkins Fine Art - AZ

People / Portrait Photography
None listed at this time.

None listed at this time.

Travel Photography
Richard Wong - CA

Unique Process Photography
Natalie McGuire - MN

General Fine Art Photography

Bobby Baker - MA
Angela Cameron - OR
Kathleen Messmer - NM
Paul Sanders - WA  


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Photographic artwork by Tobe A. Roberts IV available directly from the artist in New Jersey, 081822

Tobe A. Roberts IV
Available from
Wind Water Cloud Art & Consulting
New Jersey

Photograph by Max Foster available directly from the photographer living in Minnesota, 091821

Max Foster
Landscape Photography
Available in Minnesota
Artists Website

Seascape photography by Doreen McGunagle the artist lives and works in Florida, 092523

Doreen McGunagle
Landscapes & Seascapes
Available directly from
Artist Website

Photograph by Chloe Pitterson located in New York City, 011722

Chloé Pitterson
Fine Art Photography
Available from
Artist Website

Photograph by Randy Bott located in Seattle, 102422

Randy Bott
Landscape Photography
Available from
Artist Website

Photograph by Marc Kittner artist lives and works in Philadelphia, PA, 021721

Marc Kittner
Abstracts and Botanicals
Available from
Artists Website

Abstract photography by Angela Cameron the artist lives and works in Canada and the U.S., 122122

Angela Cameron
Abstracts & Landscapes
Available directly from
Artist Website

Photograph by Aaron Reed available directly from the artist, 090820

Aaron Reed
Landscape Photography
Available from
Artist Website

Photograph by Robert Bergazyn available directly from the artist located in California, 112720

Robert Bergazyn
Landscape Photography
Available from
Artist Website

Photograph by Andrew Prokos available directly from the artist, 050520

Andrew Prokos
Contemporary Photography
Available from
Artist Website

Photograph by Cara Barer on exhibition at Catherine Couturier Gallery in Houston, May 18 - June 22, 2024, 051524

Cara Barer
May 18 - June 22, 2024
Catherine Couturier Gallery

Black and White photograph by Michael Kenna on exhibit at Petter Fetterman Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, May 11 - July 20, 2024, 051524

Michael Kenna
Japan / A Love Story
May 11 - July 20, 2024
Peter Fetterman Gallery
Santa Monica / Bergamot

Black and White photograph by Sage Sohier on exhibition at Robert Klein Gallery in Boston, MA, May 11 - June 21, 2024, 051524

Sage Sohier
Passing Time
May 11 - June 21, 2024
Robert Klein Gallery
Boston / Newbury Street

Black and white photograph by Andre Kertesz on exhibition at Edwynn Houk Gallery in New York, April 4 - May 25, 2024, 060924

In The Studio
June 4 - August 3, 2024
Including: André Kertész
Edwynn Houk Gallery
New York / Midtown

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