Art gallery guide and listing of fine art galleries located in Carmel, California. These art galleries feature traditional fine art and contemporary art, California art, Wildlife art, Indian pottery, sculpture, fine art photography, paintings, and other types of visual art. If you are interested in collecting art or just want to view art in this beautiful coastal village, these are the art galleries of Carmel, California. Pacific Grove and Monterey art galleries are also listed on this page.

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Carmel Gallery Guide

American Art Gallery
Aaron Chang Ocean Art
Art WeMe
Bennett Sculpture Carmel
Carmel Fine Art
Classic Art Gallery
Coast Galleries
Dawson Cole Fine Art
Del Monte Fine Art
Dennis Rae Fine Art
Edward Montgomery Fine Art
Ex-tempore Gallery
Galerie Plein Aire
Gallerie Amsterdam
Galerie Rue Toulouse
Gallery 1000
Gallery 21
Gallery Apodaca
Gallery Elite
Gallery Exposed
Gallery North
Gallery Sur
Hanson Gallery Carmel
James J. Rieser Fine Art
Jim Miller Gallery
Jones & Terwilliger Galleries
Joaquin Turner Gallery
Josh Hardy Galleries
Kathy Sharpe Studio & Gallery
Kevin Milligan Gallery
Light+Shadow Fine Art
Lu Lu's Silk Art Gallery
Modern Art Dealers
Nancy Dodds Gallery
New Masters Gallery
Park Gallery
Photography West Gallery
Picard African Art Gallery
Renoir Art Galleries
Robert Knight Photography
Robin Winfield Studio/Gallery
Stephen Sanfilippo Fine Art
Steven Whyte's Sculpture Studio & Gallery
Tamara G Fine Art
Thomas Kindade Studio in The Garden
Titus Contemporary Gallery
Trotter Galleries
Westbrook Galleries
The Weston Gallery
William A. Karges Fine Art
Winfield Gallery
Zantman Galleries

Carmel Valley Village Art Galleries
Barbara Codd Gallery-Studio
Rolf Lygren Fine Art
Patricia Qualls Contemporary Art

Pacific Grove Art Galleries
Lysakov Art Company
Pacific Grove Art Center
Robert Lewis Fine Art

Monterey Art Galleries
California Views Photo Archives
Levin Gallery
Venture Gallery
Willem Photographic
Z Folio Monterey

Artist Websites
George J. Bleich - Paintings
Barbara Codd - Paintings
Laurent Davidson - Sculpture
Emy Ledbetter - Paintings & Prints
Patricia Qualls - Paintings

Art Consultants, Art Advisors and Private Dealers
None listed at this time

Art Services: Appraisers, Framing and Other Services
Carmel Art Tours (Walking Tours)
Chapman Art Restoration (Restoration & Appraisals)

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Carmel Non-Profit Organizations and Alternative Spaces
Carmel Art Association
Carmel Foundation
Carl Cherry Center for the Arts
Center for Photographic Arts
Sunset Center



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Artwork by Ken Hale at Winfield Gallery in Carmel, CA, 061119

Ken Hale
Available from
Winfield Gallery


Photograph by Imogen Cunningham Two Callas availbel from Weston Gallery in Carmel, CA, 061119

Imogen Cunningham
Available from
Weston Gallery


Artwork by Theodore M. Criley available at James J. Rieser Fine Art in Carmel, CA, 061119

Theodore M. Criley
Available from
James J. Rieser Fine Art


Artwork by Birgit Maddox at Gallery Exposed in Carmel, CA, 061119

Birgit Maddox
Available from
Gallery Exposed


Artwork by Eyvind Earle available from Gallery 21 in Carmel, CA, 060919

Eyvind Earle (1916-2000)
Available from
Gallery 21
Carmel, CA


Artwork by Timon Sloane Coastal Interactions, available from, 060719

Timon Sloane
Painting, Oil on Canvas


Artwork by Angela Cameron, Opulence I available from, 052419

Angela Cameron
Photograph, Archival Ink Jet


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