Requirements for an Artist Listing are one of the following:
All artists are juried into the listings, not every artist is accepted.
You consider yourself to be a full time artist, even if you have a day job.
You're attending or have graduated from a university with a degree in art.
You're showing or have been represented by an art gallery, now or in the past.
You've had your artwork exhibited in an art museum.

Our goal is to present quality in our artist listings.
Listing options are below.



  • Includes your name plus a link to your website
  • Listed in Artists Websites under the appropriate Art Media and Subject Matter
    Painters, Photographers, Print Makers, Sculpture and Other Visual Arts
  • Listed in Gallery Guide for your state or city (if separate guide), under Artist Websites
  • Cost is $50.00 per year
  • Listing is for twelve months
  • Basic listing are posted within 72 hours


  • Enhanced Listings provide better visibility and more information
  • Includes the Basic Listing information as above plus below
  • Includes three or four sentences of marketing text (600 - 700 characters and spaces)
  • Your city, telephone, email and visible web address included
    Some artists do not want contact info showing, let us know how you want it.
  • Small horizontal or vertical picture of your artwork posted with listing (130 - 160 pixels wide)
    You can send any image and we'll resize it.
  • Listing can be changed six times a year at no additional charge
  • Enhanced listings are posted quickly, usually within 48 hours
  • Cost is $150.00 per year (12 months)

Payment Options

Payment can be made through PayPal.
The PayPal payment process is easy and only takes a few minutes to complete.

PayPal and Credit Card Payments

1) Choose either Basic Listing Artist or Enhanced Listing (below) then click the Buy Now button.

2) After paying you'll be redirected to another web page. This is the page where you provide listing information, select the category to be listed under, and the type of art you specialized in.

If you're not redirected please send us an email with your name, state and web address.
Email to:


Artist Listing Options

$50.00 per year (12 month listing)

Listing includes just your art business name and a link to your website.
Credit cards are accepted and paying with PayPal is safe and secure.

$150.00 per year (12 months listing)

This listing provides you the opportunity to promote your website with three or four lines of marketing text (500 - 700 characters including spaces). Plus, full contact information and a small horizontal image (130 - 160 pixels) to draw attention to your listing.

1) IMPORTANT: Send us an email with your name, website, city and state.
Send an email to listings@art-collecting.coml

2) We'll email you if we need additional information or when your listing is posted.
If you don't hear back from us after three days of paying, please contact us again.

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Thank you for your interest and support.

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California scene painting by Neil Brooks the artist is located in Southern California, 040824

Neil Brooks
California Scenes
Available directly from
Artist Website

Abstract painting by Kathryn Arnold located in San Francisco, 122823

Kathryn Arnold
Abstract Paintings
Available directly from
Artist Website

Photograph by Chloe Pitterson located in New York City, 012022

Chloé Pitterson
Fine Art Photography
Available from
Artist Website

Photograph by Max Foster available directly from the photographer living in Minnesota,012022

Max Foster
Landscape Photography
Available in Minnesota
Artists Website

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