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Book Arts
None listed at this time

Cheryl Brandon - AZ
Katherine Houston - MA
Lauren Kearns - CO
Amy Myers - CA
John McCuistion - WA
O. Knight / OKPottery - OK
Reid Ozaki - WA
Claudia Riedener - WA
Barbara Satterfield - AR
Dan Woodard - CA

Paul Dessau - CA

Design / Illustration
Alisha Anderson - MA
Michael J. Auger - DC
Joan Blackshear - HI
Ewa Mikucinska - CA


Artwork by Nancy Flanagan from Michigan

Nancy Flanagan - MI
Nancy Flanagan is a hard core painter who reports the urban landscape and how we have changed it. Urban and industrial landscapes are what we have done to the land. The things that many people don't notice or disdain are the very things she finds stimulating and compelling. The work is a combination of an introduction to a location and the narrative embedded in it; places are complex, ironic, incongruous, robust and melancholy, seeing what's there. South East Michigan and Ypsilanti. Born in St. Louis, she spent years as a student, teacher and administrator on the east Coast, and Is now living, painting and teaching in Michigan, for the foreseeable future.

Diane Belfiglio - OH
Greg Burns - OK
Neil Brooks - CA
Nancy Flanagan - MI
Joshua Hunt - WI
Manuel Miranda - TX
Allison Pasarew - MD
Teresa Pennington - NC
Nancy Wyman Ray

Glass Art

Glass artwork by Lisa Tahir

Lisa Tahir - CA
My work is informed by the psychological processes of transformation and change. Glass changes from a liquid to a solid under heat over time. This parallels our growth and development as humans. I am available for custom blown, cast, and mixed media constructions for private and public spaces and have over 22 years of experience working with individuals, architects, interior designers, restaurants, and hotels to create and fabricate ideas into objects. Website:

Christine Alexander - TX
Jennifer Stang Eickemeyer / Shattered Glass Sculptures - CA
Lisa Tahir - CA

Braydee Euliss - IN
Susan Freda - RI
Valerie Leri - MA

Mixed Media
Judd Boloker - HI
Leslie Fry - VT

Outsider / Folk Art
Alexa Alexander - CA
Judd Boloker - HI
Mikel Elam - PA

Textile / Fiber Art
Joan Blackshear - HI
Jean M. Judd - WI

Catherine Altice - NC

Other Artists
Mark Hoppmann WA
Sue Anne Hoyt - AL
William Mangum - NC

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Painters  |  Photographers  |  Print Makers  |  Sculpture  |  Other Visual Arts

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Jewelry by Teresa Pennington artist working in North Carolina, 070119

Teresa Pennington
Artist Website


Artwork by Leslie Fry artist working in Vermont, 070119

Leslie Fry
Mixed Media
Artist Website


Pottery by Reid Ozaki artist working in Washington state, 070119

Reid Ozaki
Artist Website


Artwork by Alexa Alexander

Alexa Alexander
Outsider Art / Folk Art
Artist Website


Sculpture by Liam Hennessy, Viewing Tower, available from, 070119

Liam Hennessy


Artwork by Teis Albers, Running wild available from, 070119

Teis Albers
Mixed Media on Canvas


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